• Wish List Alerts

    Drive 10x higher engagement with your wish list users

  • why add alerts to your wish lists

    Transform your wish list from a dormant feature on your site into a customer personalized shopping agent that will serve as your highest performing marketing engine where your customers will tell you everything they intend to buy in the future

    Drive 10X More Use

    Within 30 days of going live with alerting on your wish list, you'll see a 10x higher engagement rate with your customers using their lists

    Customers Return More

    40% Of wish list alerted customers return to your shopping site after getting an alert on products they put into their wish list

    See Everything

    That your customers intend to purchase in the future as the average customer will put 30 items into a wish list that has alerting

    Highest Relevancy

    Every alert you send will be exactly what your customers want as they placed the items in their wish list versus getting campaign after campaign sent to them

  • let your customers personalize their alerts

    Turn your wish list into the highest customer engagement engine on your shopping site. By adding alerts to your existing wish list, your customers will get alerts when anything in their wish list changes (price, stock, special offers, etc.). This will serve as a virtual personal shopping assistant that will have them coming back to your site 10x higher than before.

    Your customers will now start to tell you EVERYTHING they intend to buy in the future by adding it to their wish lists, resulting in 10x more products added to every customer wish list

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