• Triggered Email Marketing Platform

    Leverage change events on your site to drive branded alerts which will solve your top customer issues and re-engage your online customers by 5x to 10x higher

  • Capture intent > monitor triggers > send branded alerts

    The MyAlerts platform helps you with every aspect of powering triggered alerts, from customer capture and subscription to event monitoring, and then ultimately creating and delivering branded alerts that will drive 5x to 10x higher engagement

  • Capture customer intent

    Either use our scripts and tools to capture customer intent on your site or build them yourself using our API's

    MOnitor trigger events

    For changes on your site or in your feeds to find match events that will trigger email alerts. If you have feeds or a great API, if not, we can use our bots to find matches

    Send Branded Alerts

    To your users based on exactly what product and intent they subscribed for. Alerts are opened at higher than an 80% rate and 20% or more click to return to your site.

  • what you get

    MyAlerts provides you with nearly everything you need to get your personalized alerting platform online within 30-60 days at the most depending on the number of alert types you want to send

    Customer Capture UI/UX

    We can develop the customer capture UI/UX and use your sites design style to provide the experience you want. Whether it's buttons, inline forms, pop-up's, or valances, we can accommodate

    Tag Script

    Once the capture script is created, we can provide you with the single line of javascript that you can put into your tag manager or site to deploy. You can even use A/B testing with your site to try multiple types

    Email Design & Development

    We'll help you design and develop your branded alert templates that will include your look and feel, along with integrating your product level and campaign tracking analytics to deliver fully responsive alerts from your servers or ours

    API Access

    If you choose to build your own UI/UX that's great! You can use our full suite of API's to interact with to deliver the alerting strategy you want

    Dedicated Account Manager

    From day 1 you'll have a dedicated account manager who will work with you from implementation through possibly years of partnering to activate, tune and optimize your alerting strategy

    Full Dashboard

    You'll have access to our full dashboard to get real-time updated insights to user growth, alerting volumes and response, demand data, and the effectiveness of your alerting strategy