• Social Share Alerts

    This is about following your customers versus your customers following you.

  • why add social sharing to your site

    Capture and convert product sharing on your site by offering to alert your customers when they Pin, Like, Or Tweet any product. This helps you dramatically cut your retargeting costs and builds a direct relationship with your customers

    Turn Sharing Into Alerting

    Capture and convert product sharing events using the social networks into future visits and revenue with your customers

    Alert When It Matters

    Don't just retarget customers which can annoy them, send alerts when something they've pinned goes on sale or is back in stock

    Direct To Your Customer

    Stop sending your purchase intent data to the social networks and build a direct relationship with the customers that are on your site

    Decrease Retargeting $

    Alerting customers directly will decrease your retargeting costs dramatically and will drive more social activity online

  • Other Alerting Types

    Stock Alerts

    Wish List Alerts

    Favorites Alerts

    Price Alerts

    New Item Alerts

    Registry Alerts