• Product recommendation email marketing

    That will re-engage your customers after they've left your site

  • Email Marketing designed by your customers

    You've already invested in your product recommendations engine such as Rich Relevance, Certona, Criteo, or others to help try and recommend products to your site visitors when they are on your shopping site. But what if the product they really want is out of stock, and the recommendations on that visit didn't convert them?


    That's where MyAlerts helps you to capture customer interest on specific products that might be out of stock based upon a size or color that wasn't available, and helps you re-engage consumers when/if that product size/color does come back -OR- can use your recommendations engine to communicate with your customer about other same similar products should that product not come back into stock in the future.

    Consumer See's Out Of Stock Products, Sizes Or Colors

    But instead of being a dead-end, now every product has an opt-in capability that allows shoppers to sign up for back-in-stock alerts

    Consumers Sign Up For Alerts On Products They Want

    Up to 40% of customers on your site will sign up for alerts on products they want, which helps you capture purchase intent for those visitors.

    They Get Product Alerts & Recommendations

    Instead of losing your customers from past visits, you are in their email box with confirmations, periodic updates, and most importantly product recommendations if any product doesn't come back

  • Other Alerting Types

    Stock Alerts

    Wish List Alerts

    Favorites Alerts

    Price Alerts

    New Item Alerts

    Registry Alerts

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