• Price Alerts

    Allow your customers to set up price alerts on the products they want to buy in the future and pull-forward all past visitors when products go on sale, which will drop margin erosion by 40% or more.

  • Why Add Price Alerting To Your Site

    98% of customers on most shopping sites come, look, and leave without buying products and with no way to tell you that they might purchase in the future. By adding product price alerting to your site, you can now capture the future purchase intent of your visitors which helps you pull-forward all past visitors when any product changes price.

    Capture Future Purchase Intent

    On All Products They Want

    Start to capture customers who will set up price alerts on the products they have interest in buying in the future without any drop in same-day visitor to buyer conversion rates

    Get Into The Conversation

    In The Mind Of Your Customer

    As customers interact with products through their decision cycle. Let them start to tell you what they will buy in the future instead of only telling them what you want them to buy from you

    Decrease Margin Erosion

    At The End Of Product Lifecycle

    By pulling forward all past visitors who have setup price alerts. Our shopping sites have decreased margin erosion by nearly 40% as they don't have to discount products as much in the end

    Better Price Elasticity

    What's The Right Price?

    By harvesting and holding price intent on your product graph, you can better understand what product price points should be and more importantly what price movement will drive predictable results

    Deliver Perfect Content

    With Every Alert

    Your customers will open alerts 80% of the time as they don't see alerts as "marketing" but instead as "me-mail" that they are sending to themselves. This means your customers will feel like you get them.

    Higher Revenue Per Customer

    Short Term & Long Term

    Driving your customers back to your site 5x to 10x more will result in them buying dramatically more each month. Adding price alerts tells your customers you care about what they want to buy next.

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