• Micro-Marketing Based On Events

    Unlike campaign based marketing systems
    MyAlerts uses the thousands of change events on your site
    to deliver hyper-personalized micro-campaigns to every person
    based on every product change they follow

  • Fully Automated Engagement Marketing

    Runs automatically in real time based on the change events in your site

  • Personalized Alerting Platform

    Make every area of your site "sticky" by allowing your customers to opt-in and subscribe to every part of your customer journey

    Optimize All Areas of Your Website

    MyAlerts can be integrated into all of your customer journeys so that you are able to capture the intent of your customers and bring them back to the exact products, categories and content they want, providing 100% relevancy for your online consumers and total insights for you on what is in highest demand.

  • Go Live In 30-45 Days On Average

    Most of our customers can go live in about a month, as MyAlerts provides you with the customer capture elements which you can typically drop into your tag manager or you can use our API's to build your own customer capture.


    Also, we design and develop the branded email alert templates and work with you to send them via your email servers along with synchronizing with your existing email service provider and campaign strategy to eliminate any email fatigue.

  • Supported Platforms

    While we can work within nearly any website, here are a few platforms that we've successfully deployed MyAlerts


    IBM Websphere



    Ebay Enterprise

    Oracle Commerce

    Oracle Commerce