• Saved Search & New Item Alerts

    Shoppers love discovering the newest products you add to your website. Drive 20% more repeat visits with Product Alerts.

    Saved Search & New Items

    Most sites do NOT have this feature which prevents them from capturing customers specific interests and allows them to create a personalized set of alerts This will help you drive 20% or higher rates of returning visitors to your site as you add new products to your inventory.


    Plus, this gives you insights as to what things people are interested in buying in the future, so you don’t have to guess what products are in demand on your site.

    Hear From Your Customers

    Customers want to tune into your site, but don't have any way to tell you what their interests are. Offer New Product Alerts and Saved Search Alerts and your customers can design their own marketing on your site.

  • Other Alerting Types

    Stock Alerts

    Wish List Alerts

    Favorites Alerts

    Price Alerts

    New Item Alerts

    Registry Alerts