• Job Alerts

    Drive 40% more hires by allowing passive candidates to set up job alerts and remarket to your past non-selected applicants

  • why add job alerts to your career site or ats platform

    Drive higher engagement with talent and build a strategic pipeline of candidates that will help you fill jobs faster and at lower costs

    Capture Passive Interest

    Candidates will search for jobs days or weeks before applying. By offering job alerts, you'll capture interest on days when they are looking so that you can alert talent them when new jobs are posted

    Re-Engage Talent

    Job alerts are what drives 80% of the applicants on major job boards, so why wouldn't you have this same technology in your career site to drive talent directly back

    Decreases Time To Fill

    Job alerting can cut your time to deliver qualified applicants by days, helping you to build a recruiting engine that your hiring managers will love

    Decrease Hiring Costs

    By building a strategic pipeline of talent on your own career site, you will hire more talent directly versus having to advertise every job from scratch, helping to decrease costs