• Favorites Alerts

    One-click favoriting builds a 'Pinterest-Like' personalized experience for your customers, complete with alerting, and some of our customers are capturing over $100M A MONTH in future purchase intent by their customers favoring products.

  • why add favoriting or favorites alerts

    And get into the conversation with your customers on their future purchase interest

    Pinterest Like

    Customers love to Pin, Like or Tweet things they are interested in, and if you provide this capability on your site, you'll now have a direct relationship with your customers interests

    Easy Opt-In

    There's nothing easier than clicking favorite on a brand, category or product on a site. This can set up several types of alerts for your customers

    All Devices

    Our Favoriting capabilities work across all of your omni-channel assets from the desktop to tablets to mobile

    Manage Favorites

    Easily allows your users to manage their favorites and alerts via our Pinterest like user interface that lives on your site

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