• your demand dashboard

    Will show you the real-time customer demand for your brands, categories and products on your site.

  • get to know your customers better

    Allowing your customers to opt-in and design the brands, categories and products they love from your site, helps your customers inform you of the exact things they want from your site. This is the best form of "conversational commerce" model for individualized customer marketing.

    User Growth

    See how fast your customer growth rates are and the types of alerts they are setting up

    Top Tracked Areas

    See what brands, categories and products have the most popularity on your site

    Unmet Demand

    Get real-time insights to products your customers are waiting for re-stock

    Price Change Impact

    See how price changes on your site impact the re-engagement of your customers

    Alert Effectiveness

    See what your open rates, click rates, and conversion rates are as a result of the alerts so you can calculate your ROAS

    Data Driven Insights

    Identify anomalies quickly when spikes in tracking activity happen so that you can optimize results in the future


    Identify what alerting types, brands, categories, and change events are driving the highest return visitation rates

    A/B Testing

    Perform easy A/B tests to see what elements are capturing, converting and driving the highest results