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MyAlerts passes 10 million customer users!

Personalized Product Alerting Platform MyAlerts Crosses 10 Million Users, Announces Partnership with Sportsman’s Warehouse

Personalized Product Alerting Platform MyAlerts Crosses 10 Million Users, Announces Partnership with Sportsman’s Warehouse

Sportsman’s Warehouse adopts MyAlerts, joining existing major retail client base which includes Home Depot, Neiman Marcus,, Macy's, Target & JCPenney - MINNEAPOLIS (PRWEB) MARCH 16, 2018

Since launching in 2014, MyAlerts has seen rapid growth, implemented as a highly lucrative customer engagement and automated alerting platform by a number of the largest global retailers and experiencing over 250,000 new users signing up to receive personalized product alerts every month. Across the company’s retail client base, over $2.7 billion worth of products have active alerts where consumers intend to buy those specific items in the future should their desired events happen such as a price change or they come back into stock.

Customer Designed Marketing (What Customers Want To Buy)
Vs Campaign Marketing (What Retailers Want To Sell)

While marketing technology is commonly aimed at trying to promote new products and promotions that retailers think customers want, it doesn’t help solve the top reasons why consumers don’t buy products when visiting online stores - #1, the price of a product is too high, and #2, a desired product is unavailable.

MyAlerts allows non-buying customers - which commonly comprise over 90% of website visitors - to set up personalized alerts on these products. These are automatically triggered in line with price or availability changes and re-engage customers in the purchase without the need for data capture requiring GDPR compliance. This re-engagement results in significant reductions in customer acquisition costs and higher annual revenues per customer.

“We’re incredibly excited to have seen so much traction for what is still a new platform. Right now retail is overrun with the conversation around how to perfect personalized marketing. The main ingredient that seems to be missing in most personalization technology is the person - the consumer - which seems ironic.


Most marketing technology is still trying to guess what the customer wants using sophisticated AI or machine learning or predictive algorithms. This can be achieved far more simply and effectively by asking the customer and allowing them to choose the marketing they want and when. We’ve seen first-hand that this creates far more engaged and loyal customers who convert to buyers in far higher numbers.”

- MyAlerts founder & CEO, Doug Berg

How MyAlerts Works

  • On every retailer website page, visitors are given the ability to subscribe (via single email input) to brands, categories and products, or to track out of stock items.
  • Consumers are automatically alerted to changes to selected products, categories, or when products come back in stock, with direct links to relevant ecommerce pages. Open rates for alerting emails are between 67-88%.
  • Retailers access highly valuable, detailed data on customer tracking preferences allowing them to respond to spiked demand for specific brands, categories or out of stock products.

Sportsman’s Warehouse Launches MyAlerts Platform

High-growth outdoor sporting goods retailer, Sportsman’s Warehouse recently adopted the MyAlerts technology, implementing personalized alerting functionality for visitors across its entire ecommerce platform.

"One of the core values of our online experience is providing the kind of customer service experience you’d find in your local store. Enabling our online customers to select the exact products they’re interested in tracking is akin to asking your neighborhood store associate to remind you when they get a product you want back in-stock in the store.


Personalization in marketing is best achieved when the customers themselves are able to curate that experience exactly as they choose.
In under five months we’ve had thousands of users sign up to track out of stock products that represent significant purchase intent so this not only works as a great customer experience but also a significant revenue generator. At the same time, MyAlerts helps us to better understand the customer demand by vendor, category and SKU to a level that over time can greatly improve our assortment and inventory planning."


- Mike Van Orden, CTO Sportsman's Warehouse

Sportsman’s Warehouse serves outdoor enthusiasts, casual users and first time participants with quality brand-name hunting, fishing, camping and shooting merchandise within a convenient shopping environment, serviced by passionate, knowledgeable associates to create a memorable outdoor experience. To find one of the 88 Sportsman’s Warehouse retail locations near you or to shop online, visit us on the Web at

MyAlerts helps sites to drive 5x to 10x higher customer engagement by allowing customers to personalize the alerts and updates they want on any site. This puts the customer at the center of any sites marketing relationship by allowing their customers to identify the brands, categories and products they intend to buy in the future (and why), helping to reduce customer acquisition costs and dramatically increase revisitation and revenue per customer.

MyAlerts also provides their sites with a Demand Dashboard that gives powerful customer intelligence regarding where they have unmet demand on out of stock products, and helps reduce margin erosion on products at the end of life by pulling forward all historical interest in products on their sites.

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