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Is your email marketing gdpr compliant?

If you're not careful you could be out of compliance which could result in stiff penalties

Are you ready for GDPR compliance in your email, SMS, Push and retargeting marketing strategy?

With the European compliance rules kicking in around May 2018, markers better be aware of the changes that will impact their strategy, specifically as it relates to user consent and what qualifies as hard opt-in and soft opt-in requirements. These regulations are imposed not only on companies based in the EU, but also for anyone that provides goods/services to people who live in the EU. Non-compliance could results in fines of up to 4% of your companies previous years revenues, which is a lot of money!

There will also be substantial changes to what types of email marketing, profiling, and retargeting capabilities you will be able to perform with your customers data which will have a dramatic impact to retargeting and recommendation marketing that you are currently performing to you customer base.

What Is GDPR - Here's a quick video to show you

Why Is This A Big Deal?

When GDPR kicks in it will have a big impact on consumers relationship to their marketing even on sites they visit a lot. As you can see in the research done by eMarketer below, 60% of users plan to opt-out of receiving emails from companies, and 55% of them intent to have their customer data records destroyed completely, and another 54% plan to block or have tracking cookies deleted on them!

What Type Of Email Marketing Is NOT Compliant?

The unfortunate answer is - most of it. Look at the flow of customer data and decisioning that happens with most marketing efforts, and you'll see that there are several points of failure with GDPR, not to mention there's no touch-points where the customer can provide consent to receive or block the typical marketing events that are in most email targeting systems.

What Type Of Marketing IS Compliant?

By providing your users with more granular ability to opt-in to a variety of marketing messages even at a product and trigger level, you will be not only meeting compliance requirements but you're also able to potentially send more relevant marketing events and possibly even a greater volume of interactions which your customers have consented to and want.

Also, by allowing your customers to instantly view, change (opt-out), and delete all of the products, categories, and types of marketing they have subscribed to your site, you've achieved GDPR compliance while also delighting your customers and solving many of your top customer service issues - especially related to product availability. (see image below)

How Can You Get Ready?

While there is no shortage of articles and advice online regarding this issue, the best thing you can do is to research marketing platforms that you could deploy quickly that can also leverage your past customer data, but deploy it in a GDPR compliant platform prior to the May 2018 effective date.

At MyAlerts, we offer a number of alerting solutions that not only can help you get compliant, but also drive 5x to 10x higher engagement with your online customers which is at the heart of the GDPR regulations. Give customers more control over their data, and they'll give you more engagement with greater trust and transparency which ultimately leads to more relevancy and loyalty.

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